Motor Vehicle & Moving Violations

An Attorney with experience in motor vehicle laws can help represent your case to the fullest extent of the law. Moving violations are complex, often involving multiple aspects of Traffic Law.

Trying to save money by going it alone or not hiring the right legal representation can be a costly mistake. Although no Lawyer can promise a winning case, we can guarantee that we will provide the best legal services individually tailored to your needs.

Our Firm represents clients throughout the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. For a free, no-obligation confidential legal consultation, call us at 570-408-9880 or email us directly.

Why hire our Firm?

  1. Motor Vehicle insurance liability and coverage
  2. If you are injured or cannot drive, your livelihood may be effected.
  3. Take the confusion out of the Court system

Hiring an Attorney - Q & A

  1. How long for a response?

    You should receive a response to your request within a few hours under normal circumstances. If you submit your request for representation after normal business hours, on a weekend or holiday, it may take longer.

  2. Do you guarantee results?

    No. Unfortunately, no one can predict the outcome of a legal proceeding and no attorney can guarantee a specific result.

  3. Do I need a lawyer?

    Many people have the ability to argue and defend their cases successfully. However, most people do not understand the Rules of Evidence or the Rules of Civil Procedure and ultimately fall victim to their lack of knowledge of the legal system. See for yourself: Do I need an Attorney?

  4. How much does it cost? Are there any hidden fees?

    There are NO hidden fees. All fees will be discussed in the beginning. For most magistrate hearings we charge a flat rate for representation. For more complex cases, including Cases at the Common Pleas level, additional fees may be involved. These will be discussed with you and estimated from the start.

  5. What areas and Courts do you service?

    Presently, all Courts in Luzerne County and most courts in Lackawanna County. For your convenience they are listed the table below. For a full list of courts we service in Pennsylvania, visit our District Court section. If you don't see the Court or Magistrate you are looking for, just ask us!

  6. My hearing is tomorrow! Can you help?

    Best efforts will be made to accommodate last minute requests, however, no guarantees can be made.

Courts with Immediate Attorney Service

Our Attorney can provide immediate legal assistance to the courts listed below. If your Court is not located in this list, please Contact Us.

For detailed information about each court please, please go to the PA District Courts Information page on our site. You will find the Court's address and phone number, as well as the name of the current Magistrate.

Lackawanna County Magistrates

Zip CodeCityDistrict Court#
18518Old Forge45-1-01
18519Dickson City45-1-08

Luzerne County Magistrates

Zip CodeCityDistrict Court#
18202Hazle Township11-3-04
18643West Pittston11-2-01
18702Wilkes-Barre Twp11-3-07
18706Hanover Township11-2-03
18707Mountain Top11-3-06

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