Car, Motorcycle, and Auto Accidents

Attorney Comerota can assist you in recovering compensation for your personal injuries as a result of an automobile accident.

From minor fender benders to multiple vehicle collisions, car accidents occur thousands of times every day. In fact, there are approximately 2.5 million automobile accidents on highways throughout the United States each year.

Why do we help accident victims? Because it's often not their fault they have been injured. Victims endure things we take for granted every day. They experience lost wages from their inability to work and often end up with unpaid medical bills or other debt they should have never incurred. This can lead to bad credit, or worse, medical liens due to debt service. No income means you may not be able to pay for basic necessities or keep up with your mortgage, let alone pay for the health problems you never asked to receive!

What if they can never recover from their injury? Amputations and paralysis also negatively effect the quality of their life. Imagine not even being able to play a game of catch with your son or daughter?

We have never met an individual who wouldn't take their good health over any amount awarded to them in a court of law. However if their pain and suffering have been caused through no fault of their own, then it is our mission to make their life whole again.

Call us today. We're here to help. It is our goal to provide a Lawyer to help you recover from injury.


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